Optimizing The Pelvic Floor for Birth - A Guide For Doulas

Copy of Optimizing The Pelvic Floor for Birth - A Guide to 'Down There' For Doulas

Helping Doulas Inform and Empower Their Clients About The Pelvic Floor and Abdomen

Be the doula every mom recommends

You want the best care and recovery for your moms

You're tired of...

  • Seeing your clients struggle during birth (more than they have to!)
  • Watching clients have a difficult postpartum recovery

  • Feeling like you've used every tool in your toolbox

If that sounds familiar, you're ready for

Optimizing The Pelvic Floor for Birth

Imagine having...

  • A deep understanding of how to prepare your clients for birth
  • Knowledge to optimize recovery so your moms can get back feeling like themselves again


"My doula training already talked about birth positions - what makes this special?"

We do cover birth positioning - BUT we cover it from a biomechanical perspective.

With this, you'll be armed with a higher level of knowledge that will help your clients.

We cover this much more thoroughly, making you the doula in the know...which means a doula in demand!

"Do I really need to know this?"

Every woman needs to know this! This is information we should all, as humans, know about our body... but no one tell us.

You'll be amazed at how you can use this information to help your clients and the results they'll get.

"I'm a postpartum doula, not a birth doula... will this help me?"

Yes! This course covers before AND after birth.

Being a postpartum doula, you are seeing clients in the prime healing time. With the information in this course, you'll be better able to support your client through the process.

It's time to set yourself apart from all the other doulas!

Course Curriculum

Your Client is Lucky To Have You!
What's Missing From Prenatal Education
The Core Breath
Helping Your Client Prepare Their Body For Birth
Postpartum Recovery

What's included?

45 Texts
Kim Vopni
Kim Vopni
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